Learn More About PDR

Yes, we have been fixing aluminum vehicles since 1997.
Hail repairs are covered by insurance. PDR is the preferred method of hail repairs in almost all of Canada and around the world.
MagicMen Paintless Dent Repair specializes in hail damage. We work with Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI), and all the major insurance companies. In Manitoba, you have to call MPI at (204) 985-7000 to make a claim. Once you receive your paperwork, contact us directly to have your vehicle repaired.
The amount of time will depend on the severity of hail damage. We can often repair your vehicle in 1-3 days.
Once a dent is repaired using PDR methods it will not return.
The number one advantage is that the original factory finish remains intact. Other advantages are quicker repair times, less disassembly, and it's environmentally friendly.